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Calling all Teen ​Authors

Creating ​Future ​Authors

Introducing in 2024:

A New Portal for ​Displaced Children

This innovative ​porthole is designed ​for children who, for ​various reasons, ​cannot reside at ​home or with their ​parents.

We invite you to share ​your story through ​our dedicated portal, ​crafted for your


Create a ​Book ​Challenge

Shout Out:

Calling all wordsmiths, artists, grammar ​gurus, and storytellers! Dive into the ​adventure of self-publishing your words ​into a book that's destined for ​worldwide fame.

Building a community where kids ​become creative superheroes, ​spreading joy and kindness across the ​globe.


Get ready to dive into the ultimate challenge that ​will transform young minds into published authors! ​This creative extravaganza is all about turning epic ​tales into real-deal books. It's a whirlwind of fun ​where storytelling meets artistry, focus, skill-​building, problem-solving, and even a dash of ​public speaking practice.

Whether you team up with buddies, or family ​members, or rock it solo, the possibilities are as ​endless as the story genres - think, graphic novels, ​fantasy epics, poetry collections, and more!

Let those creative juices flow within a word limit of ​2000 for the little champs and 4000 for the high-​school heroes. Ages 5 years to 18 years old!

The final masterpiece will be in a snazzy A5 size, ​so design accordingly.

Let your book magic begin!

Our Authors:




Karmi Wingfield

Charli Un​ger




Tayla Willson

Maya Black

Winners Package:

Our talented team will collaborate with the ​author and the adults supporting them.

Authors will maintain copyright for all creative ​aspects of their book.

The team will edit, format, and print the final ​draft to complement each story.

A total of 100 books will be produced.

Each author will receive 50 books for personal ​use, while the other 50 will be sold at the ​event, signed by the author as a thank you for ​the incredible opportunity. The proceeds will ​be donated to the Braille Society N.S.W. to aid ​in printing more books for the visually ​impaired under the author's name.

The author will host their Book Launch event ​and Signing at Woodcroft Library, South ​Australia, in November of that year.

And all of this is completely FREE of charge.

How to Enter:

Simply, send in those fabulous creations in ​Word or jpeg format. Don't forget to include ​the Creator's name, age, and contact details ​of their Parent, Guardians, or Teacher and if ​i.e.Dyslexic. Let us know, we're all ears!

Email to: grandmotherchristines@gmail.com

Remember, the Judge's word is law here! ​Submissions are accepted from March, ​through till the last day of August each year, ​so mark your calendars and get writting!

If you win, your book will hit the shelves with ​pride, no strings attached. You're the boss ​when it comes to how your masterpiece is ​showcased.

Let those creative juices flow!

Our Five Year Plan:



So, let's continue your creative experience.

Monthly Challenges:

March: Book Cover

April: Mini Comic Strip

May Picture Book Idea

June: Poetry

July: Synopsis

August: Book Mark

All winners 1 Primary School child & 1 High ​School child will receive a QBD voucher for ​$25.

Entry is FREE

For more information or enter via our email.

Grandmother ​Christine:

Our Curator

Christine Sinclair, also known by her pen name ​Grandmother Christine, embodies the essence of a ​self-published international author in the truest ​sense. Despite limited resources, Christine ​embarked on her publishing journey with a keen ​sixth sense, introducing her initial series of ​children's books titled, "In the Vales" in 2018. ​Currently, she is embarking on a new book series ​aimed at inspiring others with her creative journey ​and mentoring skills. This diverse collection of ​stories and insights aims to empower individuals ​seeking to connect with their inner intuition. As part ​of her Give Back program, Christine and her family ​have initiated the 'Create a Book Challenge' in 2022. ​This initiative encourages school-aged children to ​craft and present their manuscripts, offering them a ​chance to win a complimentary self-publishing ​opportunity. The Children Writing for Children ​project stands out as a wonderful endeavor.



A book specifically for teenage authors interested in ​pursuing self-publishing. Purchase price is $15, and all ​proceeds support our Challenge.


After the book launch, teenage books are priced at $15 ​each until they are sold out.

News 2024:

# Introducing a new Program for ​displaced children to share their ​stories.

# Classroom Programs initiated.

# Introducing a counselor to the ​team

#YouTube presence with videos of ​the children's stories

# Introducing Teen Authors as ​Public Speakers.

# Look for sponsorship

Hooray for us!

We are thrilled to announce ​that we have received a ​grant from the Onkaparinga ​Council and our community.

This grant will help us publish ​the works of our new teen ​authors in the upcoming ​year.


The Sinclair Family - The Onkaparinga Council

Brochures available on all our ​Programs

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Calling all ​Teen Authors

From an inkling of an idea to a book publishing ​deal for free

Share your ​tales in ink!



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